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Aloha! Welcome! Hi! Lisa here, to ask me a Hawaii Vacation question, email me at . I try to answer all non-homework, non-translation questions that are hard to find on the web, or too complicated to piece together from websites. Visit me at my Hawaii Answers pages and read old questions, or leave me a comment somewhere. You can also jump right to the main categories of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, or the Big Island.

Hawaii is one of the most special places on the entire planet. It consists of 7 main islands that all have consistently warm and comfortable weather with warm ocean temperatures all year long. The volcanic origin of the islands results in sculpted mountains and valleys and beautiful scenery. There are beaches of all types and colors so no one is like another. Each island is in a different stage of its life cycle and development, so no island is like another either. The cultural beauty of the Hawaiian people provides a constant, unique backdrop to every sight and sound. There is no place like Hawaii and every person should be lucky enough to visit at least once.

This site is my attempt to chronicle every sight, every place, every opportunity in the islands so you can most easily plan a vacation that results in what you want, whether that be utter relaxation, extreme adventure, or just a happy vacation.


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