Monday, August 10, 2009

August 2009 Kilauea Volcano, Big Island Updates

Summary: Nothing new is going on with the volcano right now. There are steam and ash plumes to be seen at the ocean and the summit.

Here's what's going on with the volcano. I will only update this post before September if anything major changes.

Up at the summit, within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, there is an eruption with the Halemaumau Crater. It is easily seen from the Jaggar museum. All that can currently be seen is a large smoke plume which looks like this.

At the ocean, another smoke plume can be seen from lava entering the ocean from Kilauea Vent. Sometimes glow and lava can also be seen entering the ocean. Occasionally lava breakouts can occur on land and can be seen from some distance away, although the longer the eruption continues over the same path, the less likely this is (because it ends up traveling through underground tubes mostly) and right now this seems quite unlikely, although things can change in an instant.

To see the activity at the ocean, you'll need to drive down to the county access road (directions), park, and then hike in to the viewing area.

The hike is over old lava and could be a mile or more. The viewing area is 3/4s of a mile away from the actual activity for safety reasons. Bring flashlights and water, wear jeans and rugged, closed shoes.

Call 808-985-6000 for daily updates from the national park. See the county site on the lava access road for safety and closure information.

For an adventure, consider seeing it by boat


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