Molokai Tours and Times from Oahu (Father Damien)

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Hi. My husband and I will be on Oahu through February and want to go to Molokai. Will we have to go via Maui, or can we fly direct from Oahu? We have plenty of time but need to know how long a visit to St Damien’s church and site will take.

Hi – you should be able to fly direct from Oahu, but your plane may be quite small 🙂

By visiting father Damien’s church – do you mean going down to Kaluapapa where he did all his work? That’s an all day thing because you have to take a mule down, unless you take the air tour.

You can also take your own plane right from Oahu if you want to spend that kind of money.

Molokai: Where to Stay and What to Do

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I’m so glad I came across your website! My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Hawaii from Dec. 3-7 and have chosen to stay in Molokai because we want to experience the real Hawaii, not the tourist-centered locations of Maui or Oahu, etc. I’ve pretty much got out flights covered but I am a little lost on where to stay. We love Molokai because it’ll afford us the opportunity to go hiking, biking, and just be in touch with authentic Hawaii. We’d love a 1-bedroom accomodation if you can recommend any, as well as any local restaurants in the area as well as any other suggestions you may have.

I stayed at Kalualokoi and it was very nice and quiet: you can find listings for it here:, 1/2 way down the page

here’s some good recommendations on where to eat

and things to do. One thing we never did was the mule ride down to Kalaupapa – you might want to try it. we hiked a lot and drove around and explored a lot.

Going to Maui for the day is fun.

have fun! Lisa

Best Molokai Day Trip from Maui or Oahu

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Brian of Alexandria, Virginia asks

What is the best way to visit Molokai Island as a day trip? I will be in Oahu for a week, then touring Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island as part of a cruise. I am especially interested in the history of the island, including its role as the location of the colony for those with Hanson’s disease (leprosy).

Would it be best to do this as a day trip from Maui?

Hi Brian,

It may be best and easiest to schedule your trip as a day trip from Maui, but I am concerned that you will find it hard to coincide your shore leave times from the cruise ship and the tour times so we’ll look into options from Oahu and from Maui.

Pacific Wings and Molokai Air Shuttle (808-567-6847) and Island Air offer flights from Oahu (Honolulu) to Molokai.

Molokai Outdoors looks to be an outfit that will set up all your flights or transportation from Oahu or Maui and get you started on a tour or with a rental – whichever you want.

The so-called ‘leper colony’ is located on the Kalaupapa peninsula and hard to get to, plus you must either take a tour or be invited by a resident – you can’t just wander wround the area. Here are some options:

Molokai Mule Ride
A ride down the mountain on a mule plus tour.

Molokai Ferry offers ferry-car packages, guided day tour excursions, and a hike and tour, all from Maui.