Where Should We Stay On Oahu – Hawaii? Best Vacation Rental to Stay In On Oahu?

September 19, 2007 by · 10 Comments
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We’re coming over late november this year( 2 couples for the 1st time) & not quite sure what part of Oahu to stay at ( Looking at Condos or house rentals). We are surfers (Longboarders) but the girls will want to spend some time sight-seeing, shopping etc. Bearing in mind the time of year, where would you suggest to stay that would be close to beaches – not too far from shops. We’re not fussed with huge crowds. Looking forward to your response. Kind regards.

Hi! Well, the waves on Oahu are big on the North Shore in November – are you looking for BIG waves? There is only one hotel-condoon the North shore – that’s the Turtle Bay Resort. Other than that, there are hundreds of house rentals – in some really nice areas.

… however, the shops are mostly in Waikiki, which is on the south shore. the island is not big – if you stay out of traffic you can go from one to the other in an hour or less. Traffic is bad commuters hours INTO Honolulu in the morning and out of honolulu in the afternoon. You could stay at the halfway point of Kailua maybe .. but I think you would be happier either on the North Shore or in Waikiki.

Hi Lisa. I am currently looking at home rentals for the week on Oahu. I have found homes at Waimanalo, Haleiwa and Makaha that looked good but I have no clue what might be best for our family. What is the best side of the island to stay on? We have 2 children, age 17 & 12. My daughter will be interested in soaking up the sun and my son will be interested in boogie boarding, swimming, etc. My husband and I are interested in a relaxing and seeing the sights! I know we can easily drive to any location we want to see but where would be the best location to STAY?

In your situation, I would stay in Waimanalo. You’ll be right in the middle of the other two places, close to everything, and both of your kids will be happy. Plus, Waimanalo is really a great beach. You can’t really go wrong outside of Waikiki, but Waimanalo is probably the most right out of the three you mentioned. Have a great time! Lisa