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Hi Lisa – Thanks for your website info! My question is that I am planning a trip to Hawaii for me and my son, who turns 16 in March. He’s a keen surfer/bodyboarder/golfer and we are both active types. I am wondering if it is poss to rent an rv or campervan on oahu from the airport and then explore the island like that, rather than book into a hotel. Or, is it better to stay in one place and hire a car etc. He particularly wants to spend time around Pipeline.

Well, the problem with Oahu, and Hawaii in general as it pertains to RV’s, is that there are no hookups. No one rents RVs because there is nowhere really to park and hook one up. A Camper van would work, but you would need advice on where you are allowed, or will get by with parking for the night. Contact these people: http://www.oahucampingvans.com/ and see what they say. Have a great time! Lisa

p.s. Here’s another Oahu camper rental site, Hawaii Campers and as you can see by the comment below, they will help you with permits AND pick you up from the airport!

And for big island camper van rental or tent and camping rental, see Happy Campers Hawaii


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  1. jill c robins on Tue, 12th May 2009 12:54 am
  2. Aloha Lisa,
    I also rent out a VW camper. I can help you get all the permits you need!! I can also pick you up from the airport..
    Aloha- Jill

  3. Joye Hall on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 3:47 pm
  4. We are interested in renting a van from sept 14 to sept 17, prior to going to maui. Any info would be helpful, 2 adults only. thanks Joye Hall

  5. Lisa on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 9:22 pm
  6. Hi Joye, you will need to click on the links above and contact the websites directly.

  7. Tomy Paoa on Mon, 14th Mar 2011 3:39 pm
  8. Hi Lisa,

    My name is Tomy from Easter Island, I’m going to Oahu and Kauai, for two weeks maybe you can help me to rent a RV or camper van, 1 week in Oahu and 1 week in Kauai, Sept. 2011, 2 adult and 3 kids under 12 years old.

    Waiting for your comments, Tomy Paoa.

  9. Lisa on Wed, 16th Mar 2011 3:52 am
  10. Hi Tomy, I am not a agent or booker, you’ll have to visit the sites mentioned above and contact them directly.

  11. kyle flemister on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 8:04 pm
  12. hi my names kyle flemister im looking for a camper van for next weekend.pick up 4 15 return 4 17.i have acredit card and good references.please call me *****.

  13. Lisa on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 8:17 pm
  14. sorry Kyle, you’ll need to visit one of the rental sites and reserve a campervan there. We don’t provide a rental service here.

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