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I will be visiting Hawaii later this month and will be travelling to the Big Island. I have two nights accommodation booked in Kona and then two nights in Hilo. I very much want to experience everything that both towns have to offer including diving with the Manta Rays and seeing active lava flow. I will be travelling on my own and I have heard that car hire in Hawaii is very expensive when you take all the extras into consideration. I was thinking of taking the bus from Kona to Hilo but I am not sure where I would need to catch it from. I will be staying at the Keauhou Beach Resort, would appreciate your advice on what would be the best option.

Hi Robyn, the hele on bus schedule is here: http://www.heleonbus.org/schedules-and-maps/kona-hilo-bus-schedule-1 – as you can see, the bus stops at the Sheraton Keauhou at 6:20 am, every day but sunday. The Sheraton Keauhou is just down the road from the Keauhou beach resort – maybe 15 minutes or so walk. If I were you, as soon as you check in, I would tell the front desk your plans to take the bus and see what they suggest – maybe they could even call the sheraton keauhou and find out exactly where the bus picks up at over there.


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  1. Lynda on Thu, 29th Apr 2010 6:22 pm
  2. I looking for a way to ge from kona to hilo. I can not find a flight directly into hilo

  3. Lisa on Fri, 30th Apr 2010 7:18 pm
  4. You can rent a car and drive it to the Hilo airport and drop it off there. You can take the bus. You can put an ad on craigslist to see if anyone will drive you. You can take a cab for $200. … that’s about it for your options. Good luck!

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