The Best Maui Luau; Great Luaus on Maui

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by Cindy Blankenship,
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The two best luaus on Maui have a rich tradition in Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. For centuries, the luau has been a traditional way to celebrate and honor milestones, festivals and royalty.

Today in Hawaii the traditions continues – in backyard birthday luaus, in community centers and places of worship for holidays and other special events – and at hotels and special luau venues where visitors to Hawaii are treated to this fun tradition.

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These commercial luau introduce guests to Hawaiian, local style and Pacific Rim foods and Polynesian culture and they entertain, the best Maui luau entertain with mesmerizing dance, chanting and narration that combine to teach and entertain about the Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures.

Old Lahaina Luau – With Lahaina’s famous sunset view of neighboring islands and ocean craft, the Old Lahaina Luau invites you to relax in the old Hawaiian style, reclining on lauhala mats, or if you prefer a chair.

Appointed with tiki torches and thatched roofs, a grass mound as stage for the luau’s world-class entertainment, this famous luau takes you on a journey through the exciting and romantic history of Hawaii as told through hula, chant, mele (song) and narration.

The luau is known for its cultural sensitivity and attention to authentic Hawaiian detail (for which it has won numerous Ilima awards, based on the state-wide newspaper’s reader polls and food critics).

Combined with the exquisite cuisine, make this luau a favorite among locals, as well as visitors to Hawaii. The Old Lahaina luau has attracted hundreds of celebrities, including Robin Williams and Billy Crystal and Emeril who hosted his Maui show here.

Speaking of Hawaiian food, if you’re not waiting in anticipation to try poi, no worries. The luau’s buffet offers traditional and modern Hawaiian cuisine from imu roasted pig and poi to chicken with mango sauce and Pulehu steak, not to mention a scrumptious dessert tray and gracious open bar with all the favorite tropical drinks.

Feast at Lele – Another top notch luau with a West Maui sunset ocean view. “Lele” is the original Hawaiian name for Lahaina and translates to for the and a setting on the Lahaina beach where the royal family of Maui once held their luau and entertained.

As the authentic dance and music, courtesy of award winning creative director, Robert “Lopaka” Aguiar, takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the island nations of Hawaii, Tonga, Tahiti and Samoa, you are also taken on a culinary journey.

Before the performers take you to an island nation, you are served with an exquisitely prepared dish, reflective of the island nation it represents.

Hawaii is introduced with the first course, a delicious dish of imu-baked pig, pohole ferns and heart of palm salad, fresh, island fish with mango sauce, and poi; while the Samoa dish is the fourth course with supasui (grilled steak), palusami (breadfruit with taro leaf and coconut cream), and shrimp and avocado with lilikoi. The fifth course is a Hawaiian dish, and guests enjoy an open bar.

The Hawaiian luau production fittingly begins with the graceful hula of Hawaii, and it concludes with the famous Samoan fire dance dance.

Two of Hawaii’s best luau are found on Maui – one features the Hawaiian heritage and the other takes you on a journey through Polynesia (and Polynesian cuisine).


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  1. Julie E. on Thu, 26th May 2011 3:11 am
  2. Do you know of any discount tickets to the Old Lahaina Luau? We will have a group of four adults and three kids.
    I did purchase a Entertainment book this eve.

  3. Lisa on Thu, 26th May 2011 5:47 pm
  4. There aren’t any discounts given to that luau. Some timeshare presentations will give you a free ticket or some sort of discount though.

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