Maui Restaurant Coupons

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Lisa Says:

For the price of a book, get over $150 worth of highly useable coupons for Maui dining!

The best maui restaraunt coupons, in my opinion, are available in the Hawaii Entertainment Book. I buy it every year. get it here

Here's a partial list of the coupons available in the 2010 book:

  • Kobe Japanese Steak House: buy one dinner get one free up to $20
  • Spices Restaurant buy one dinner get one half off
  • Chez Paul buy one dinner get one half off up to $17
  • Royal Ocean Terrace buy one dinner get one free up to $23
  • Stopwatch Bar and Grill buy one get one free
  • Makawao Garden Cafe bogo
  • Maui Ocean Grill bogo
  • Royal Ocean Terrace Lounge bogo
  • The Sports Page Grill and Bar bogo
  • Royal Lahaina Luau 25% off up to four people
  • Life’s a Beach bogo up to $10
  • Maui Coffee Roasters – bogo
  • Royal Scoop Ice Cream half off
  • There are a few more coupons that would apply to maui, like fast food coupons at places like Burger King and Taco Bell. These would apply to all the islands.

    If you are going to Maui, click here to get this book and save big money with restaurant coupons

    Besides restaurant coupons, there are also several activity coupons like the following in the 2010 book

  • AlexAir Helicopter tours mini circle island flight up to 6 passengers 25% off
  • Maui Golf and Sports park buy one get one free miniature golf round
  • Maui Ocean Activities Buy one get one free windsurfing or surfing lesson or kayak or windsurfing rental
  • Makena Coast Charters 25% off 4 people
  • Boss Frogs half off weekly snorkel rental or whale watch
  • South Pacific Kayaks 25% off turtle reef intro tour
  • If you are going to Maui, click here to get this book and save big money with restaurant and activity coupons

    I buy and use this book every year. The restaurant coupons are my absolute favorites because, if there are two of you, the money savings can be huge. If you could use every coupon you could eat at a different restaurant every night and save almost $200 just on food, easy.

    The book comes out every summer for the next year, and when it first comes out it costs $35. In my opinion, it is totally worth it at that price but if you can catch a sale you really come out on top (check current price). And if you don't use all your coupons you can exchange or sell it on ebay. I love this book.

    Aloha, Lisa

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