Hawaii Daytrips and Inter-Island Travel Information

So, you're planning a trip to one island and you want to know if it's worth it to go see another? Absolutely! Each Hawaiian Island is different from the others and can stand on its own as a fantastic destination.

Options for visiting another island just for a day

  • Fly on one of the Major airlines
    You can fly on Hawaiian airlines (I recommend Hawaiian) or Go! Airlines. There used to be an Aloha Airlines but they are now out of business. Both airlines fly jets several times a day from and two each major island. You can leave first thing in the morning and come back as late as 8 or 9 at night. Best rates are found on their websites or possibly via your mainland carrier when you book your flight to Hawaii. Flights can take from 20 minutes to a little over an hour.

    Rates recently (2012) have been as low as $68 one way, but that's only web fares if you book early. Once the plane starts filling up the prices go up. Check with the airlines for current prices - sometimes there are sales or price hikes.

  • A Hawaii Cruise
    A cruise around the islands will start on Oahu and stop at each of the other major ones (Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island) for one or two days. Not enough time to really delve into what the island has to offer, but usually enought time to see the one biggest thing you wanted to see on each.

  • Fly on a smaller airline
    These will normally be propeller planes. Try Pacific Wings, or Mokulele Airlines (which is actually part of go! now). Prices could be better than flying on a major airline, and you will probably get out of having to make a stop in Honolulu, like you would in most other flights.

  • Take a Tour
    You could take an airplane or helicopter tour that either lands or just flies you over part of the other island and returns (search for whatever thing you want to see + air tour - ex: Big Island Volcano air tour or you could book with a tour company that would arrange for your flight over and your transportation to a specific spot one you got there: Robert's Hawaii and Polynesian Adventures One Day Tours

  • Take a Ferry
    There are day ferries from Maui to Molokai and Maui to Lanai. The Hawaii Superferry started in 2009 and was run out by the courts. It is no longer in Hawaii and probably will not return.

Other Options for Visiting More than One Island (more than one day)

If you are staying in Hawaii for less than a week, I would not recommend trying to stay on more than one island. You'll never see all you want of just one island in just one week and that extra hotel check-in and airline-waiting time can really eat into a vacation. My family and I just returned from a week's trip to Oahu - we've been there dozens of times (my husband actually lived there for several years) and we still didn't have enough time to do all we wanted. We only got one day of hang out at the beach and the pool and do not much of anything time.

Some people ignore this and do 3 islands in a week, and have a great time. That's up to your individual travel preferences.

If you are staying for a while and you really want to visit another island just booking it all at once is the easiest way. You could book a vacation package for deals and continuity.


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