Hotel, Rental, Condo, and other Choices in Hawaii

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In Hawaii, there are several choices of what kind of lodging to choose:

  • Hotels
    There are literally hundreds of different hotels in Hawaii. This will be your easiest choice for accomodations. Hotels offer good locations with offers from inexpensive to luxurious plus maid service and optional packages. They are also easy to find and book and have the most resources. Hawaii Hotels By City and Popularity,

  • Condominiums
    Condominiums in Hawaii are plentiful and normally in as good of locations as the hotels - plus they usually have kitchens and are bigger than hotel rooms. The prices can be a bit lower, but you often have a minimum required stay and have to pay a cleaning fee, and maybe a deposit. For any condo stay, be aware that you will be surrounded by residents living in the building (usually no big deal, but they will have strict rules about noise and garbage, etc) Also be aware that your best choices of units will usually be privately-managed units, by which I mean units that you rent directly from the owner instead of a management company. Usually units rented from owner have nicer furniture, newer appliances, and are generally better cared-for.

  • Timeshares
    Timeshares typically have all the amenities you would find in vacation rentals, such as spacious layouts, multiple bedrooms, whirlpool tubs, private balconies, etc. But they are located on resort grounds so you get amenities you can find in a luxury hotel like pools, concierge services and golf courses. Since most of these units have been purchased by guests, you can sometimes find them on secondary resale/rental sites like Sellmytimesharenow.com for far lower prices than what can be found directly from the resort. Check these out when planning your next trip. Hawaii Timeshares by City and Popularity

  • Vacation Rentals
    Vacation Rentals are usually an actual house that you rent from someone. These can be fantastic ... or not so great. You'll probably pay more usually, but long term stays at a vacation rental can net large savings. A cleaning fee may be included. There are some secluded places in the islands still where a vacation rental is really your only choice - expect these to be quiet, out of the way places. You almost certainly will have to rent a car if you stay at a vacation rental. Vacation Rentals By Owner Hawaii

  • Small Inns and Bed and Breakfasts
    Inns are not quite large enough to be called hotels, and may have some amenities of a condo thrown in. Bed and Breakfasts are not large enough to be called Inns, but can be similar. They are typically several rooms within someone's home with a common area and private or common entrances. Kitchen use is usually shared and breakfast of some sort is often provided. Hawaii B&Bs and Inns by city and popularity

  • Hostels
    Hostels are generally very inexpensive lodging choices consisting of all common areas and open bays (or open floors) for sleeping. Hawaii Hostels

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